Are you and your team ready to catch the innovation rocket? Are you fueled by a pioneering deep-tech business concept? If so, seize the opportunity to boost your business idea forward in our exclusive 8-week HEICE Deep-Tech Startup Acceleration Program.

Why Join Us?

⚡️ Turbocharge Your Progress: Elevate your business idea or startup in just eight weeks.

🎓 Expert Mentorship: Access invaluable guidance from a pool of international experts.

🔍 Interactive Workshops: Engage in immersive online sessions on entrepreneurship & innovation.

👥 Teams Welcome: Whether you’re a solo founder or a collaborative team, your vision is welcomed.

🌱 Stage-Agnostic: Regardless of your business’s development stage, whether pre-seed or growth, we’re eager to collaborate.

How It Works:

Application: Complete the brief Application Form to take the initial step towards this transformative journey.

Acceleration Program: Immerse yourself in intensive mentorship, workshops, and networking opportunities.

Pitch Showcase: Culminate the program by presenting your refined business idea to a panel of esteemed judges.

Win Support: Impress the panel and unlock extended mentorship and resources to propel your business forward.

Join us in shaping the trajectory of European deep-tech startups! Let’s forge success together!

Detailed agenda is available here.

This section present use cases in the form of an educational toolkits. 

toolkit is understood to be a complete package of materials, syllabi, work assignments, background information, and literature, which is essential for the preparation, implementation, and follow-up as well as later evaluation.

It offers the advantage that the toolkit and its contents can also be used by other entrepreneurship experts and integrated into the respective institutions and teaching and learning processes. Therefore, the presented toolkits are focusing on how to professionalize entrepreneurship education, fostering entrepreneurial mindsets among engineering experts, academic staff, and non-academic staff at Higher Education Institutions in Deep Tech-related disciplines.

Toolkits are available in the Resources section of this website, or by clicking on this button.