Last Meeting Serbia

On June 27 and 28, the closing meeting of the HEICE project was held in Serbia. 💼 During the meeting, an analysis was made of...
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Mimicking or Thinking for themselves?

Developing the concept of co-creation, teamwork and the application of theoretical concepts to practice, leading students to think about and apply what they have learned...
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How to unlock creativity?

In this interactive session we will explore artistic intelligence and how to engage students in an artistic mindset. This mindset can be applied to any...
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Kick-Off HEICE – High-Tech Acceleration Program 2.0! 🚀

Today marks the start of our HEICE - High-Tech Acceleration Program 2.0! 🚀
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Workshop: Human vs. Machine: The Race for Intelligence Dominance 🦾🧠

This workshop aims to empower educators with a deep understanding of AI, promoting its effective use in education. It will boost awareness of AI's potential,...
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We’re back!

We’re back! 😍💥We are very happy to announce the latest news from the HEICE project, directly from Graz, where the consortium partners came together for...
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