Heice Accelerator Program

The HEICE Accelerator experience provided a dynamic and inspiring learning environment. During the programme, we learned the true meaning of adaptability in the startup world. As a team, we are more open to feedback and also more likely to identify opportunities when faced with challenges. The feedback we received during the workshops and lectures helps us to realise the potential of our product to address other conditions, making our solution even more impactful and marketable. We would also recommend the programme to anyone looking to gain market insight and build an international network of invaluable contacts.

Carolina Ferreira | Sara Guerreiro | Tatiana Padrão

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Heice Accelerator Program

The Pinstack Journey through the HEICE Accelerator was nothing short of transformative.
Throughout the program, we were immersed in an ecosystem of innovation that challenged our perceptions and expanded our understanding of what's possible in the tech industry. Our team became adept at pivoting strategies based on real-time feedback, a skill that has proven invaluable in the fast-paced world of software development. The constructive criticism and insights gained during the numerous mentoring sessions and interactive seminars have not only refined our product's functionality but also broadened its applicability, significantly enhancing its appeal and potential for disruption in the market. We wholeheartedly encourage any tech entrepreneurs seeking to deepen their market acumen and forge connections with a global network of mentors and peers to consider this program. It's been a cornerstone in Pinstack's journey towards revolutionizing team collaboration, offering us unparalleled opportunities for growth and networking.

Andreas Krassnitzer

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InBfusion is changing the way we look at oral health; our innovative toothbrush heads bridge the gap between sustainability and bioactive functionality. Current sustainable solutions do not offer any kind of bioactive functionality. At the same time, common oral diseases caused by various reasons can lead to tooth sensitivity at some point. During this time, we identified a gap in the market for sustainable and effective solutions for tooth sensitivity. The large majority of bioactive solutions focus on whitening and do not treat pathological conditions. Given our experience in biomaterials research as a team, we realised that the science in this area was under-exploited by the current players. We are also aware of the need for ongoing market research and innovation to anticipate trends and maintain a dynamic approach to product development, always focusing on bioactive functionalities. As a first step, InBfusion is dedicated to the development of the first bioactive toothbrush heads. This pioneering product incorporates an active ingredient encapsulated in the filaments, which is released during brushing and is capable of re-mineralising tooth enamel. The encapsulation promotes a more controlled release of the active ingredient while minimising the waste associated with excessive use of paste. In addition, this solution is manufactured using environmentally friendly materials such as biodegradable bristles and recyclable components, reducing the environmental footprint.  As scientists, our mission is to make a positive impact on oral care practices and promote a more sustainable approach to dental hygiene. InBfusion is the beginning of a new era of limitless possibilities for the oral care industry.

Pinstack is changing the way we teams work together; our innovative cloud-chat software bridges the gap between AI and cloud file storage.
Current chat bot solutions do not offer automatic retreival functionality for cloud folders. At the same time, teams become more dispersed and international, making effective collaboration and knowledge exchange as well as retention very difficult.
Working on Ai for the past several years, we identified a gap in the market for AI-based team-collaboration solutions.
Recognizing this void, Pinstack has developed a solution that not only enhances communication within teams but also integrates seamlessly with cloud storage services to automate the retrieval and sharing of files. Our platform uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence to understand context, anticipate needs, and streamline the workflow by intelligently suggesting files and information relevant to the ongoing discussion. This means that documents, presentations, and other key resources are readily accessible, eliminating the time-consuming task of manually searching through cloud directories. Moreover, Pinstack is committed to adapting and evolving with the needs of our users. We continuously monitor emerging trends and solicit feedback to ensure our platform remains at the forefront of technological innovation. In doing so, we aim to empower teams across the globe to work more efficiently and effectively, fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation that transcends geographical boundaries. Through our efforts, Pinstack aspires to redefine the standards of team collaboration, making it more intuitive, inclusive, and productive for everyone involved.